Dairo Vargas

Colombian born Dairo Vargas, based in London UK, is a fine artist with specialisms in landscape and portraiture. As an artist Dairo has an appreciation for design in everyday things and believes that art is a conduit for improving people’s lives. Aside from creating stunning works, he takes seriously his social responsibility by helping a children’s home back in Colombia and partnering with a number of children’s charities in the UK to mentor young people with similar aspirations.

In 2008 Vargas graduated from the Kensington and Chelsea College of Art and since has worked tirelessly, exhibiting works in the UK and Europe. Today he is considered to be one of the most promising emerging artists.

Inspired by dance, movement and the spirit of everyday life, his abstract works communicate beautifully the energy of the human spirit and the environment. There is an ethereal quality to Vargas’s work; a solitary landscape that can evoke feelings of warmth and possibility whilst simultaneously conjuring up a sense of wondrous isolation.

His representations of physical form show human vulnerability, grace and expression. The body and the mind celebrated on canvas in a frisson of movement that energises and inspires.

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