Martine Le Bidan

Abstract painting has naturally imposed herself on Martine Le Bidan as a means of expression because it allows a multiplicity of readings.
Each painting is a personal adventure that allows her to exteriorize her emotions, here feelings, her states of mind.
Color is essential for the artist, it is she who dictates the graphic design of the painting, it is her guiding thread and that is why she makes her own colors In her transparency or opacity, complementary or in contrast, she reveals light, weaves links between forms and movements and gives rise to emotions.
Adept of spontaneity, she starts from nothing, the canvas still virgin, she puts me to work. The material begins to emerge, the colors mix, the most vivid mark the passages on the canvas while others fade.
Her sources of inspiration are many. They arise through emotions, feelings, memories and the environment around them.
She paints in acrylic to satisfy her will of spontaneity, and she adds to finish an oil glaze to sublimate certain colors. More and more often, new materials such as paper, ink, pigments, pastels and sand are added.
Brushes, spatulas and knives accompany her gestures or mingle softness and violence, the colors and materials worked become accomplices.
Her painting is part of the movement of lyrical abstraction. Through her works, the artist proposes a colorful imaginary that the spectator can appropriate by projecting her own visions, feelings and emotions.
Quickly recognized and awarded, The artist is listed in Drouot quotation since 2012
Her painting allows her to breathe in a few strokes of brushes and knives, life, imagination and dream.

Martine Gallery

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The King of the Street
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