Is Moz the heir to the Andy Warhol throne? Whilst references to other artists might not be welcomed, the striking nature of Moz’s pop art makes it hard not to bring a welcome reminder.

Moz is a painter, sculptor and photographer and combines elements of different genres to make visually impactful pieces that ask more questions than they answer. Juxtaposing glamourous women with instruction manuals and cartoon characters, Moz, with an element of sarcasm, taps into a sense of voyeurism in a witty social commentary of the multi-layered nature of modern life.

Born in 1970 in Brest, Moz lives and works in Paris. Exhibited across the world it’s easy to see how his work is universally appealing. His art is very much entrenched in the post-modern era where differences are not so easy to judge. Through his art he represents the deconstruction of stereotypical definitions by representing a melting pot of complexity which is less definable or easily explained.

Moz Gallery

Stunt Instructions
Silly Picture
Same Player Shoots Again
Over the Rainbow
I Want You