Having a finger in every pie; the expression fits Dominique Le Filous perfectly.

The pulp, that is made from used newspapers, which is the artists material of choice. Dominique Le Filous folds, kneads and rolls the pages, covered in print, making them into balls. Like this they become the ideal and chosen material to further her adventures in art.

“I consider myself a hacker, a handyman. I like to do with what comes to hand”.

Her paintings are almost like bas-reliefs. Dogs, people even vegetables are almost hovering above the surface trying to escape, like they have struggled with their creator, then accepted their fate to become part of the composition.

But inevitably Dominique Le Filous ended up crossing the Rubicon; “Today I have moved on to sculpture”. The paper gradually came out of the canvas. Married to earth and plaster, she has transformed her characters. Gathered like a flock of waders, long filiform silhouettes with endless legs seem to wonder where they come from. Crowned with plastic veils, certain characters take on the role of marriage. But if you study them for just a short period of time, you will understand that they do not apologise. They exemplify the Expressionist movement, where subjective emotions and attitudes are more important than physical reality.

The sculptor Christian Boy has joined Dominique Le Filous for the exhibition “Same” from Périgord. For his characters, he uses lead.